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Day 13: Circle

This decal helps keep birds from crashing into the window.  Getting a little faded after a few years of service.


Day 11: Water

Bluebirds and a robin sharing the bird bath this morning.  The bath is heated, so on a cold day like today it's the only water around.


Day 4: The View From Here

This is the view from our deck.  The San Pedro Mountains.


Mishka, the Bird Show, and La Niña

Mishka had a small seizure this morning.  Not too bad.  It's been about two weeks since the last one so not unexpected.

Yesterday a Willamson's Sapsucker visited our bird bath.  I'd never seen one before.  Very, very cool!  At first I thought this was a flicker, but the belly was yellow and the black bib went all the way down the chest, so not.  We get flickers a lot, but with orange bellies, not the yellow. 

It's a La Niña year, which is bad news for us.  It means a dry winter, which means a bad fire season next year.  We've had one snowfall in early November, and that's it.  Kind of hard to get into the holiday spirit because of that, but yesterday I went out and made my Yule wreath.  This involves lopping some lower limbs off of trees that can use it, cutting up the greens, and putting them into the wreath frame.  Add a bow and hang it up.


Since the visit from the bear I haven't been putting out seed for the birds.  After the summer rains, though, we've had fewer bear reports, so I went ahead and put some out today.

Ye gods!  Has no one been feeding these birds?  I'm swarmed with scrub jays and doves.  The jays are bickering over the seed - very excited.  They don't act this way when there's food out regularly for them.  I expect they'll settle down if I start keeping seed out for them.

It's definitely fall.  It was chilly this morning, and two of my three biggest aspens have turned.  I'll try to snap a pic to post.

Seasons shifting

Saw a hummingbird today. They're still coming through, but I've only been seeing one at a time at the feeder, instead of swarms. No fights.

Last night I put the heater in the bird bath. This morning, a dusting of snow. Wednesday we are supposed to get whomped.

We were out running errands today and a roadrunner crossed the road in front of us. Not very fast; we had to swerve to avoid hitting him.

The coolest birds we've seen lately were a flock of about 8 wild turkeys on the road to our neighborhood, Saturday morning. First time we've seen them in the area!

Changing of the Guard

Saw the first junco of the season today. Still a few hummingbirds, but not throngs. Flickers invaded a couple of weeks ago.

In Between

Snow today. Looks very wintery, but there are the pansies. Also some seedlings I planted indoors a week ago are already poking up their tiny heads.

Spring here is often windy, which is no fun. It can also snow as late as early May. So regardless of the weather, it's still spring for me.

Lots of bluebirds and robins in the bird bath. Pine siskins gobbling thistle. A couple of days ago we're pretty sure we saw some cedar waxwings, a first for us in this location. I'd heard they were in the area, and had been wanting to see them.

Now the sun is coming out, though it's still snowing. Sun flurries.

Autumn is fading out . . .

I was out of town last week, and in the meantime it snowed, killing my tomato plants. The kits did quite well with their new cat-sitter (very professional, costs more but worth it). DH and I and four other friends crammed in all kinds of fun adventures in New Orleans, from a graveyard tour to Oak Alley plantation. Ate a lot of wonderful food, too, and heard some good music.

Our first morning home we were awakened by a flicker pounding on the outside wall, another sign of cooler weather. Today we put away the swamp cooler. Have not yet lit a fire in the wood stove, but did have it swept out before we left. We have a good supply of firewood.

The mountains seem to be holding their breath, waiting for the colder season. Aspens have mostly finished their golden glory. Here's a picture I took a couple of weeks ago.

In writing-related news, I've turned in revisions on book 2 of the fantasy series. I also recently posted about an interesting cover art coincidence on the Novelists, Inc. blog. And earlier this month I celebrated my fifth anniversary of writing two new pages every day.

Changing of the Guard

Hummingbirds are gone this week. Instead, the flickers are starting to come around.

Time to get the chimney swept.
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