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Day 19: Delicious

Raita over brown rice pilaf.


Day 17: Ready

Potatoes, onions, and green chile, ready to go in the stew.


Day 2: Something New

My Christmas present from the spouse:  an immersible blender.  Awesome!  Makes fabulous smoothies.  Also, it's PURPLE!


January photo a day

Noticed this on Facebook and decided to play for a month, anyway.  The original post about January and the thematic prompts is here.

Starting off with "today" I took a photo of New Mexico's traditional good luck food for New Year's Day:  posole (hominy).


Mishka, etc.

Spent a lot of today vegging out, which was good.  Lately things have been too busy and a bit stressful.  Spouse and I went out and got flu shots, stopped at the grocery store, and otherwise hung out at home.

Mishka had a seizure this evening.  Poor old guy.  It's been kind of a bad week for him. 

Tomorrow I must make dessert for game friends.  I have some frozen berries I need to use up.  Thinking I might take a rhubarb crumble recipe and make berry crumble instead.


Mishka, Mishka

Am I sounding like a broken record?  If so sorry - I'm just trying to track Mishka's health and this is the place I chose to do it.  Small seizure yesterday (11/11), set off by my clicking a spoon on a dish of yogurt I was fixing for him.  Poor guy.

Yogurt seems to help with his digestion a lot, so I'm giving it to him every day.  He loves it, fortunately.  Unlike pumpkin - which he won't eat!  It might be the only people food he won't eat.  I've tried every which way to get him interested in it, but no go.

I need to bake up some pumpkin and freeze it.  Love the stuff!  I still have the big pumpkin from my garden and a couple that my friend Pat brought me, plus there's one coming in next week.

Off to get a slice of pumpkin bread and more tea.  There's the power of suggestion for you.

A Gross of Scones - Day 5

Final batch of scones done and in the freezer.  Total:  144

Today I'm packing up stuff for the tea.  Teapots, serving gear, etc.  It just takes a lot of stuff to do this. 

And a lot of people.  If you're at Bubonicon on Sunday afternoon, be sure to step up to the tea and get a cuppa and some nibblies.  Sign up for the book drawing, and read the list of hosts & hostesses in the program.  They're the ones you should thank, as it wouldn't happen without them.

See you at Bubonicon!
Two batches done today.  One to go.

I think I like the old fashioned, cut-in-the-butter method better than grating and freezing.  Just less fuss, and the quality seems about the same.

Halfway through batch 3 my pastry cutter died.  I was able to use it, but it's time for a new one.  Anyone have recommendations of a particularly wonderful brand?

A Gross of Scones - Day 3

What happened to day 3?  Aargh!

A Gross of Scones - Day 2: FAIL

Cooking is always an adventure.

I made the scones the old way today - cutting butter into the dry stuff.  It was kind of soothing, actually.  I may like this better than the frozen butter.  

I even remembered to add the currants.  Put them in before adding the cream, which worked well.


The dough was way too wet.  I checked the recipe and saw that it called for 1/3 cup butter.  I had added a whole stick (1/2 c).  Ack!  I threw in more flour - a lot more flour, but it still wasn't enough.  When I baked up the scraps they spread all over the place: 

They tasted fine, but these are not proper scones.  Proper scones stand at attention.  I can't in good conscience bring these to tea, so I'll have to try again.

My misfortune is my music group's good fortune.  I'll bake these up and take them to rehearsal.  

Meanwhile...the scone count stands at 36. 

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